How long does it take to read the bible?

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According to[1], the Bible, in general, is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others. A Christian Bible is a set of books that a Christian denomination regards as divinely inspired and thus constituting scripture.

One of the best known bibles is the New King James Version Holy Bible, which has 783,137 words in it.[2] According to study[3] for silent reading of English fiction most adults fall in the range of 175 to 300 wpm; for fiction the range is 200 to 320 wpm. (WPM means words per minute).

So if you can read about 250 WPM that it takes about 52 hours and 12 minutes to read the New King James Version of the Holy Bible.

According to reliable resources mentioned above it takes:

~ 2 days, 4 hours, 12 mins, 0 secs

* The above data is an average value.

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