How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model 3 at a supercharger station?

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TESLA CEO Elon Musk says that the pack options are “just over 50 kWh” for the standard version, which is expected to enable 220 miles of range, and about 75 kWh for the “long range” version, which Tesla claims can enable 310 miles of range. [1] It’s important to know the exact size of the Tesla Model 3 battery, because the charging time depends on manly the battery capacity.

Superchargers in urban areas are located in places where it’s convenient to spend time, like grocery stores or shopping centers, which means owners can charge while going about their weekly routine.[2] Superchargers in urban areas deliver a nearly consistent 72 kilowatts (kW) of power, even if another Tesla begins charging in an adjacent stall. This creates a predictable charging experience with an average Supercharging session lasting around 45-50 minutes in city centers.

Supercharging rate may vary due to battery charge level, current use of the Supercharger station and extreme climate conditions. Your vehicle charges faster when the battery is at a lower state of charge and charging slows down as it fills up. Depending on your destination, charging to completely full is often not necessary.

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