How long does it take to transfer money to from a bank to another bank?

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The time it takes to complete a money transfer to bank to bank depends on the type of transfer and the circumstances around it. Let us take a look!

The length of time required to transfer your money bank to bank will depend upon factors that include:

1. Country and region

2. Bank holidays

3. The payment method

4. Domestic or internation

5. Bank

Domestic bank to bank money transfer times

Most domestic bank to bank money transfers are instantaneous (this means that the money can arrive to the other bank account within a couple of seconds), although in some cases, payment can take up to 24 hours. [1]

International bank to bank money transfer times

Want to send money to another country? International wire transfers may take 1-5 days, in some cases, they may take more time.

You can always check with your bank to find out exactly how long does a bank to bank transfer take. If you have to transfer the money fast, choose expert / immediate transfer service.

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