How long does it take to fully charge AirPods?

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How long does it take to fully charge AirPods depends on the version of AirPods you have.  AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. First generation AirPods released on December 13, 2016, 2nd generation AirPodes released in March 2019. They are Apple’s entry-level wireless headphones, sold alongside AirPods Pro, higher-end wireless earbuds, and AirPods Max, wireless over-ear headphones. [1]

The most important thing to understand about how to charge AirPods is that you don’t charge the earbuds on their own or directly. Instead, you charge AirPods and their case at the same time. Think of the AirPods case as essentially a big battery pack. When you place the AirPods into the case, the individual AirPods charge themselves by drawing power from the case into the batteries in the earbuds. So, there’s a two-part, two-device process here: In order to charge your AirPods, you have to charge your AirPods case first. [2]

The AirPods’ charging case will take about an hour to fully charge, and once you place your AirPods inside. A fully charged case can recharge your AirPods three to four times.[3]

AirPods Charging Time Chart

AirPods versionSingle charging time*Listening time on a single chargeTalk time on a single charge
1st generation AirPods30 minsup to 5 hoursup to 2 hours
2nd generation AirPods30 minsup to 5 hoursup to 3 hours
Airpods Pro25 minsup to 4.5 hoursup to 3.5 hours
Airpods Max60 minsup to 20 hoursup to 20 hours
* Using a fully charged case. Apple recommend

You can click on the different type of AirPods to see the charging details.

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