How long does it take to beat Ghost of Tsushima?

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Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure stealth game features a large open world, without waypoints, which can be explored without guidance. Players can engage in direct confrontation with enemies using weapons such as a tachi, which can also be used to chain up a series of fatal strikes after highlighting specific enemies. Alternatively, using stealth allows to evade enemies and strike them silently with tools such as firecrackers to create distractions, smoke bombs to disorient alerted foes, and kunai for striking multiple enemies. [1]

Ghost of Tsushima has 24 chapters and 61 side missions and it takes an average of 20 hours just to beat the main storyline.[2]

If you want to finish Ghost of Tsushima in as little time as possible, you can do it in 7 hours as the current speedrun record is 6h 60m 42s. [3]

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