How long does it take for tires to dry rot?

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Unlike dry rot that may affect the wood in your home, tire dry rot is not caused by an organic growth and can’t spread from one tire to another. The term dry rot is used to describe a specific type of tire decay that can occur as a tire ages or is regularly exposed to harmful substances and conditions like ambient heat, UV radiation ozone in the atmosphere, road salt, pressure in the tires, and of course time.

Once dry rot appears in a tire, you only have a short period of time to attempt to repair the damage before the tires become unsafe for driving. Minor dry rot can be addressed by a professional using a tire sealant. Tires with advanced dry rot must be replaced. Dry rot allows air to escape the tire, making it difficult or even impossible to keep the tire properly inflated. Dry rot can also cause unnatural rubber expansion while driving that actually breaks the tire apart. Tires with dry rot are much more likely to develop leaks, holes, and blow outs. In extreme cases, the tread may separate from the rest of the tire entirely. [1] how long it takes a tire to degrade depends on the factors discussed above.  If several of the above factors true in your case you can expect tire rot within 2 years. In generally speaking a normal set of tires should last for 60,000 to 75,000 miles or about four to five years. [2]

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