How long does it take for eggs to expire?

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According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspetion Service [1] if you store your eggs properly, eggs can last for many weeks in the refrigerator and even longer in the freezer. You should store the eggs in their original carton in the back of the fridge. This prevents them from absorbing odors and protects them from temperature fluctuations as the refrigerator door is opened and closed [2]

The chart below explains how long does it take eggs to expire in different conditions[3]

In-shell egg, freshLess than 2 hours in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Sweden or the Netherlands; 1–3 weeks in other countries4–5 weeksNot recommended
Raw egg yolksLess than 2 hours2–4 days1 year for best quality
Raw egg whitesLess than 2 hours2–4 days1 year for best quality
Hard-boiled eggLess than 2 hours1 weekNot recommended
Egg substitute or pasteurized liquid eggsLess than 2 hours10 days unopened, 3 days after openingUp to 1 year for best quality; not recommended if opened
EggnogLess than 2 hours3–5 days if bought, 2–4 days if homemade6 months; not recommended to freeze homemade eggnog
CasserolesLess than 2 hours3–4 days2–3 months once baked
Pies or quichesLess than 2 hours3–4 days1–2 months once baked; not recommended for pies with custard filling

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