How long does it take for an eBay listing to appear?

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According to eBay[1], After you create a listing, it should show up in eBay searches within 24 hours. Many heavy eBay users said that in most cases eBay listing appears instantly or within a 1-hour time frame. So generally speaking it takes anywhere from a few minutes to a full day just as eBay stated.

If you can’t find your listing after 24 hours, go to Selling, and check whether it’s active, in draft, or has any other status. The listing needs to be active to be displayed in our search results.

If your listing is active, and it’s after 24 hours, here are some quick checks you can do:

  1. Make sure you didn’t misspell anything or run two words together in the item’s title
  2. Look for any typos that have accidentally created swear words in your listing – we block listings that contain swear words from appearing in our search results
  3. Remove any special characters (! @ / *) from the title
  4. See if you’ve created a duplicate listing. If you have, you’ll find a note in the Selling section of My eBay or Seller Hub explaining that your listing won’t be available until you’ve received at least one bid on the identical active listing
  5. Check if it’s ok to sell that type of product on eBay. If the item’s from a category that’s not allowed, we’ll have to remove your listing, but we’ll send you an email explaining why. Learn more about prohibited or restricted items

According to reliable resources mentioned above it takes:

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